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Kohlrabi – add some crunch

This crunchy member of the cabbage family is a real all-rounder. Whether you use it for snackable finger food or Schnitzel you’re sure to love it!


Lights, Camera… Action! Holiday locations on the most iconic film and TV sets

Are your favourite movies and TV shows giving you wanderlust? Here are five stunning movie and TV set locations for your next holiday.


Fitness for everyone: Veronika from Fitness First shares her tips!

Do you need a bit of motivation to go to the gym? We sat down with Veronika from Fitness First to get a few professional tips.

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Edible petals: from the meadow to the kitchen

Have you tried edible petals before? Which petals can be enjoyed with which dishes? And when are the flowers in bloom? We explain everything you need to know, here.

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Vegan office food to go: Poppy seed and rhubarb rice pudding

Want to enjoy a delicious vegan breakfast at the office? Justine has a great poppy-seed and rhubarb rice pudding, which you can prepare the night before.

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Get your fridge in order – tips for storing your food properly

Want to know how to make the most out of your fridge? Here we’ll tell you where you should store different types of foods for the best results.


Lagom: Gain more balance in your life with this Swedish lifestyle trend

How to live and love your life according to the Swedish interior design and lifestyle trend of lagom.


Something for everyone: The best cookbooks for vegans, movie fans and nerds

Inspired by World Book Day, we’ve put together 5 of our favourite cookbooks for you. Whether you’re cooking for kids, vegans or nerds, we’ve got something for you!


Unsere neuen Specials sind da!

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Kitchen hacks: 5 useful cleaning tips and tricks from grandma

Grandma’s cleaning tricks are still the best today, so we’ve found the very best kitchen hacks from her time to share with you, here!

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Sweet April showers, do spring May’s flowers: essentials for surviving April