• [Translate to French:] Why do you cook with fresh pasta?

    [Translate to French:] Vapiano focuses on uncompromising freshness. It is, therefore, a matter of course that we make our pasta freshly every day and prepare it into one of the many pasta dishes in front of you. 

  • [Translate to French:] How often do you change the Specials?

    [Translate to French:] The Specials change every two months and are always adjusted to the respective season.

  • [Translate to French:] Things you always wanted to know....

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  • [Translate to French:] Why is it not possible to reserve?

    [Translate to French:] We want everybody to be able to be there at any time. Guests who come spontaneously as well as guests who come in a planned manner should feel at ease in our restaurant. For that reason we are open on 364 out of 365 days per year.

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    At the Vapiano

    [Translate to French:] At the Vapiano

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    • [Translate to French:] Is really everything fresh?

      [Translate to French:] The production of our pasta and our dolci can be experienced live by you in the transparent pasta Manifattura. But also our sauces, dressings, our pesto and our pizza dough are homemade. Only ciabatta and the Pasticceria San Marco are supplied by producers carefully selected by us.

    • [Translate to French:] Can I also take-away dishes?

      [Translate to French:] You get of course all dishes for taking away. Our stable take-away packaging guarantees a safe transport and can also be practically used after the meal.

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