Let the countdown to Christmas begin with one of our eleven advent wreaths!

This year, the first Sunday of Advent falls on 27 November. Not feeling festive yet? Our eleven Christmas wreath ideas to recreate at home are sure to do the trick.  

Advent begins on 27 November this year. Not feeling very festive yet? That’s bound to change when you take a look at these eleven Christmas wreaths to make at home. 


1. Heart of stone 

“Even the stones placed in one’s path can be made into something beautiful” wrote Goethe, and one of our favourite wreath ideas is made entirely from stones. Collect smooth, flat stones in different sizes and, if you’re feeling arty, paint them. Arrange in a circle and place four candles in small pebble-filled metal bowls at the centre. Not a hint of green anywhere!

2. An apple a day

Apples don’t just taste great, they’re brilliant for crafting too! Make or buy a basic wreath and use wire to decorate it with ribbons and fir cones. The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing this one!

3. Rad recycling

Upcycling is so hot right now so take the trend into Christmas by creating a unique Advent wreath. Wash out four old tins and remove the labels. Fill them with fine sand, add your candles and decorate with moss. Ta-da!  

4. Bottle things up 

Recycle glass bottles by filling them with autumn’s treasures, such as nuts, fir sprigs or moss. Draw on the numbers 1 – 4 with a permanent marker and stick candles in the top. Place on a plate to prevent wax drops spoiling your table.

5. Branching out 

Want to bring the forest indoor? Simples. Collect birch twigs, cut them to around 50 – 55 cm and tie them together in a bundle. Add four pillar candles on holders and make sure they’re firmly anchored in the twigs. Use ribbons or tree decorations to add more colour.

6. Festive forest fun

How about creating an Advent wreath using logs? You will need four different sized logs, preferably birch. Place pillar candles with ribbons wrapped around them on top. So easy – so pretty.

7. Easy peasy

This one is perfect if you’re short on time or just not a natural crafter. Place white candles in four identical glass jars. Number four stars and tie them around the top of the jars using string. Arrange on a tray with some greenery and pine cones and enjoy!

8. Out of the woods

Talking of pine cones – here’s another idea inspired by Mother Nature. On your next autumn walk, collect around 40 – 50 pine cones in varying sizes and allow to dry out. Use a glue gun to create a wreath and add candles in a colour that matches your home.

9. Rosehip hooray!

Not as Christmassy but still full of winter charm – a rosehip wreath! Collect rosehip twigs and twist into a wreath using wire to secure them. Decorate with silver stars or other ornaments and position four pillar candles at the centre.

10. No festive frills

More of a minimalist crafter? We’ve got just the wreath for you too. Stick a strip of decorative tape around the base of four grey pillar candles and use mini pegs to add a label. It’s pared-back, it’s low key – we love it.

11. Piece of cake

Take a break from baking and use your cookware for this quirky wreath! Fill a Bundt cake tin with fine sand, stick four candles on top and decorate with pine cones and nuts. Almost good enough to eat!

Whether elaborate or minimalist – there really is an Advent wreath for everyone. Happy crafting, folks!