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Small, but mighty: Microgreens!

This new food trend not only tastes delicious, but also looks super pretty, we’re talking about microgreens of course! Not only are they delicious but they earn you top points for presentation, too.

What are microgreens?

Of course, you might be asking yourself, what are microgreens? Quite simply, microgreens are the seedlings of plants. Microscopic greens, if you like. For a few days you can use these little seedlings in soups, salads or in your favourite sandwiches. We recommend mixing the microgreens with edible flowers to make the perfect topping!

In terms of both taste and appearance, broccoli, beetroot, watercress, radish and mustard seedlings are all good choices. The latter two are quite spicy for such small seedlings, they sure pack a punch!

Fun fact: sprouts are NOT the same as microgreens. To grow microgreens, first you have to harvest the seedlings of the plants and cut them just above the root. Sprouts, on the other hand, are the germinated seeds that you can eat whole.


How to grow your own microgreens

Looking to add some microgreens to your plate? There’s really nothing easier! You only need five things: seeds, soil, kitchen towel or a some wool, a bowl, a lid and water.
How to plant and grow your microgreens:


1. Place the wool or kitchen towel onto a surface of your choice. This can be a plate, a baking tray or a petri dish. You can also just use a thin layer of soil instead of kitchen roll if you like.


2. Sprinkle your seeds on the wool/ kitchen towel or soil and press them in.


3. Water your seeds and place your microgreens on the windowsill or other suitable place in your house. Top tip, seeds from broccoli and some other plants need darkness in order to germinate, so make sure to cover them. 


4. Keep your seeds moist over the next few days.


5. After four to five days, you should be able to harvest the first microgreens!


With or without soil?


Microgreens can germinate with or without soil. The advantage of having some wool or kitchen towel is that it’s less messy. The advantage of growing your microgreens in soli is that the microgreens, which you don’t eat, can then be put into a pot to grow into a "macro green"!


Grooming Sets

In the meantime, there are some suppliers that make sets specifically for growing microgreens. These come with a bowl wool and strips of burlap which you can use to plant your seeds in. It's really easy to grow microgreens yourself, and they look really chic on your plate. What are you waiting for?