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Vegan summer lasagna stuffed peppers - perfect for hot days!

Blogger Justine has the perfect summer lasagne stuffed peppers recipe. It’s delicious, juicy, fresh - and vegan, what are you waiting for? Here’s the recipe!


Minimalistic living: What’s behind the Lifestyle trend?

Minimalistic living. Are you envious of the seemingly effortless minimalistic lives of others? Want to try it for yourself? We’re here to help.


Star chef or fast food hero? Which type of cook are you?

Is cooking your biggest hobby or just a necessary evil? Find out which type of cook you are with our quiz and learn some tips along the way.


#FridayFive: five watermelon recipes to try!

In the US, the 3rd of August is the day of the watermelon. We think the versatile fruit has earned a day of international commemoration, here are five reasons why.

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Tastes like summer - ice cream cakes by Victoria

Are you ready to whip up the perfect summer dessert? Look no further, Victoria has conjured up delicious brownie ice cream cakes for you, and here’s the recipe!


#FridayFive: It's time for the stone fruits!

Have you already tasted our delicious Tiramisù with apricots? In our current specials we have tuned the classic for you with the stone fruits. Tastes delicious and fresh! Not only apricots are in season, you can also enjoy other drupes right now!


The Magnificent 7: The 7th Australian Vapiano opens in Canberra

You can now find seven Vapiano restaurants down under! Here we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the latest Vapiano opening in Canberra and three tips for things to do in the Australian capital!

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Take some time out at the office with our relaxation tips

Calls, emails and long to-do lists, it’s no wonder we feel stressed out in the office sometimes. With these 6 relaxation tips you’ll be able to get through your day with less stress, even if the phone won’t stop ringing.

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Enjoy the outdoors – with a Vapiano picnic!

We love summer – staying out late on the terrace or in parcs, wearing shorts and flip-flops, picnicking with friends… Blogger Kathi shows you how nice and cozy a picnic wth your favorite food like pizza and pasta can be!


#FridayFive: Five exotic fruits

In today’s #FridayFive we want to share our five favourite exotic fruits, which you should definitely make the most of this summer.


Celebrating the crunchy and delicious celery!