The filofax’s creative comeback

Everything’s digital in today’s world. The era of post-it notes and pieces of paper cluttering up your desk is long gone. It’s much easier to save appointments, reminders and photos to your phone. So imagine our surprise when we stumbled across an analogue inspired trend emerging this year. It’s known as filofaxing and has a loyal following that continues to grow. 

What happens when chaotic creativity meets organisation and order? Antonia from the blog Filofanatic talks to us about the new filofaxing trend. And when it comes to analogue, her motto is go big or go home!  


The origins of the humble filofax 


The trend takes its name from “filofax”, the name of a hugely popular loose-leaf notebook designed to record appointments, addresses and other notes. But it’s not the only brand. Kikki K from Australia and Webster’s Pages in the US are two other major players. And those daring to dip into the world of filofaxing will soon discover a huge spectrum of calendars, crafting ideas, scrap book ideas and more. 


Banish boredom now


The best thing about filofaxing? There are no limits to your creativity and individuality. The aim of the game is to design a filofax you’ll cherish for the next twelve months. The ring binder design allows you to add or remove pages so you can choose how to arrange content. And that’s just the beginning. Colourful tape, bright post-its and stickers can be used to personalise important pages. Homemade separating pages bring an individual feel to every season, and before you know it the right pen becomes more important than the remote control. One welcome side effect is that designing your own calendar is the best motivation to stay organised. You’re more likely to make a note of appointments, read your reminders and take pride in your work. Suddenly to-do lists are a rewarding pastime and colour coordinated post-its are your new must-have. 


Sounds nuts? It is. But it’s also great fun and it’s something everyone can try. There are no rules, no regulations and no limits. 


Antonia’s favourite helpers  


When it comes to filofaxing, washi tape is my must-have crafting essential. I use it for everything. Tapes with floral patterns are my favourite. Even when it’s cold and grey outside, the lovely flower designs bring a feeling of warm spring sunshine to my calendar.