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The crowning glory – five salad dressings

No matter how much care we take prepping a salad, we often end up topping it with traditional vinaigrette or the same old yoghurt dressing. Here are five delicious alternatives. 

Aromatic vinegar & oil 


Salad dressings often use olive, rapeseed or sunflower oil, all of which have an extremely mild flavour. Try more aromatic varieties like walnut, pumpkin seed or pistachio oil for a more intense taste.


Fruity fun


Fruit justs tastes as great in a salad as it does in the dressing. Puree your chosen fruit with vinegar and season with salt, pepper, sugar and herbs. Need more inspiration? Raspberries, pomegranate seeds, blueberries and oranges all make for tangy summer salad toppings.


Asian vinaigrette 


Asian food fans will love this sesame and ginger seasoned vinaigrette. Pour over carrots, cabbage or tender turkey breast. 


Elderberry vinaigrette


As well as adding flavour to your drinks, elderberry cordial is the perfect ingredient to add to a traditional salad vinaigrette. Go slowly – you can always add more!  


Red wine dressing


Love a glass of red? Luckily your favourite tipple tastes just as good over salad too. Don’t just reach for the bottle though. Mix with balsamic vinegar and season with herbs before you drizzle. 


Do you have your own unique salad creation you’d like to share with us? Send it in by 31 March 2017. We’ll feature our favourite recipes on a very special autumn Specials menu!