Seven signs you’ve found your soul mate

Nobody knows you like your bestie. Sometimes you’re so similar, it’s scary. Take a look at our checklist to see if you’ve found your ultimate soul mate.

1. If the idea wasn’t so gross, some people would say you share a stomach! You always feel like eating the same things. You order a pizza and a salad at Vapiano, eat half and then swap. Even the gummy bears are divided fairly. She likes the green ones, you get the reds. 


2. Turning up to a party in the same dress used to be totes cringe. But now you embrace your shared style, rocking matching onesies you bought together on one of your many shopping trips when you hang out in the evenings. 


3. Talking of hanging out, even when you’re relaxing with a movie you know intuitively what your bestie’s up to. It’s like you’re both watching the same film. Things get spooky when you suddenly send one another the same GIF about the movie. You’re, like, so connected! 


4. You love chatting with your BFF, especially when you realise you’re both thinking exactly the same thing! The giggles that result can go on for a good half an hour. Most folk will have made a sharp exit by that point but you two are still wiping away the tears! 


5. Talking of “chats” – when you both get going, you leave everyone else in the dark. Over the years, you’ve collated a whole collection of insider expressions allowing you to converse privately, even when other people are listening. Sometimes you don’t even verbalise your thoughts! You use noises. Or gestures. Or both. 


6. Some men think it’s an urban myth but let’s be clear: girls rarely go on a date alone. Whatsapp ensures their besties are kept up-to-date with any major developments and also reveals whether things are going smoothly. And every bestie is poised to fake a crying phone call if their friend needs rescuing. True story.


7. When you hit the dance floor together, it becomes clear you’ve developed your own routines for certain songs. As soon as you hear the intro, you own the dance floor.  It doesn’t take long before irritated glances are flying in your direction. But you don’t give a jot. This is expressive dance at its best – they’re all just jealous of your moves! 


Can you answer most of these with a “yes”? Well done – it looks like you’ve found your soul mate. Here’s to sticking together forever!