Our new vegan pumpkin Specials

As summer draws to a close, the days grow shorter and the pumpkins grow bigger. With autumn just around the corner, we’ve taken inspiration from this orange squash and created a pumpkin themed Specials menu. And what’s more, all the dishes are suitable for vegans!

Although we’re reluctant to kiss summer goodbye, our new Specials menu definitely makes autumn seem a more appealing prospect. It features a range of new recipes based around pumpkin. And the good news is that every single dish is vegan! A vegan lifestyle means abstaining from all animal products, whether in food, cosmetics or apparel. But going vegan is anything but dull. Fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and pulses provide endless opportunities for new vegan dishes. Still sceptical? Pop into your local Vapiano before 31 October and see for yourself. Until then, here’s the lowdown on our latest Specials.

Pasta Pesto Zucca – the double whammy

Pumpkin lovers, take note! This delicious pasta dish uses not one, but two types of squash. Our Vapianisti combine homemade pumpkin seed pesto with spicy cubes of Hokkaido pumpkin, sesame, ginger and pak choi. Coriander adds the finishing touches.

Risotto Zucca Caramellata – a “more than nice” rice

Why? Because as well as featuring pumpkin, this one’s vegan too. The homemade sauce consists of vegan white wine with Hokkaido pieces, orange juice, coconut milk and soya cream. A quick seasoning of ginger, sesame and lime and it’s ready to enjoy.

Pumpkin Soup – the classic

Although our hearty, slightly piquant pumpkin soup isn’t vegan, it’s still super tasty. Our Vapianisti use Hokkaido, cream, carrots, oranges and a dash of coconut cream to create the smooth flavour.

Not a fan of pumpkin? We’ve catered for you too. How about an exotic Insalata Bulgur Orientale with dried fruits and fresh mint instead? Whether with or without pumpkin, vegan or not, we hope you enjoy sampling our new Specials. Buon appetito!