International Sweatpants Day – my big sofa session

Kiss goodbye to the era of lounging around and ordering a bad take-away. To mark International Sweatpants Day Vanessa from Joleena Fashion tries out Vapiano’s delivery service. 

I love cooking. But there’s one day of the week I struggle to make it to the kitchen. It’s usually due to partying hard until the small hours the night before. And to add insult to injury, the fridge is often empty too. I’m talking about Sundays.  

The only thing I feel like doing is hanging out at home in my sweatpants controlling life from the comfort of my sofa. All hail a stable wifi connection! I binge watch series, catch up on my favourite blogs and even read the odd book (those vintage style, printed things). And I order in. 


Although officially scheduled for 21 January this year, every Sunday is International Sweatpants Day for me! Whether super baggy or with a sporty tapered leg, comfort is all I care about. I also believe it’s perfectly acceptable to leave the house wearing said garment on Sundays too. Ignore the judgy neighbours and hold that head high! Do I hit the streets in sweatpants too? Well, it’s never actually come to that. I’m quite happy to spend the day drifting from the bed to the sofa, only opening the front door to accept my food delivery.

And best of all Vapiano deliver too, meaning you can now enjoy your favourite Italian cuisine in the comfort of your own home. Pizzas, pasta, salads and sweet Dolci are all prepared freshly and carefully packaged to arrive at your home in perfect condition. Pasta sauces like Crema di Funghi are even supplied in a separate container to prevent the pasta becoming too soggy while it wings its way to you. I’ve binned pasta in the pasta for that exact reason. But Vapiano has taken a good look at the ins and outs of a delivery service, so ordering a take-away now feels like restaurant dining. In sweatpants.

Follow the link to find out whether your local Vapiano restaurant offers a delivery service. Buon appetito!