Goji berry – the new celebrity superfood

Almost every major supermarket now stocks goji berries, often at eye-watering prices. Discover why these small red berries are on every foodie’s must-have list. 

As huge goji berry fans, it only makes sense to include them in the Dolci on our latest Specials menu. (LINK zu Special-Karte) Our Riso Latte di Mandorla is one dessert you have to try. A creamy almond milk rice pudding is flavoured with a goji berry ragout, pumpkin seed caramel and mint.  We just can’t get enough of it! 


But our Dolci isn’t the only place goji berries are hiding these days. As the new queen of superfoods, they’re readily available in supermarkets everywhere. The shrivelled red berries not only taste great but are packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins. Scatter them over your morning muesli or snack on them mid-morning to boost brain activity and your immune system. 


Made in China – love the world over


Although  sometimes known as “wolfberries” we prefer the name “goji”, which is roughly how the Chinese name is pronounced.


And FYI – just like the humble potato, these super berries actually belong to the nightshade family! Despite the recent hype, they’ve grown in Europe for years. They’re hardy little berries that don’t mind the cold, but the main production areas are in Ningxia in China. Most of the world’s goji berries are cultivated here and then exported as dried fruits or juice.


As well as tasting great in muesli or as a snack, goji berries are also feature in the Dolci on our latest Specials menu, a mouth-watering Riso Latte di Mandorla. Treat yourself to one when you next visit Vapiano.