Five tips for a greener home by Urban Jungle Bloggers

After a long cold winter, we’re excited about seeing trees budding and bulbs pushing up again. Although winter’s not quite over yet, there’s no need to wait until spring to start getting green. With a scattering of house plants you can easily transform your home into an oasis of green – regardless of what the weather’s up to outside. 


Think looking after house plants is complicated? Think again! The right information and some TLC are all you need to create your very own urban jungle in the comfort of your home. I’ve compiled my five favourite tips to get you started.  

1. Rome wasn’t built in a day


And neither were jungles. There’s no need to head home with half of your local garden centre in tow. Start with a single pot or a small group of plants to ease yourself into green living. Play around with their position to find out where your urban jungle will look best. And then add to the display – plant by plant.


2. Your lifestyle, your choice 


Splashing out on high maintenance plant is pointless if you don’t have the time to look after it. If you’re away from home a lot choose plants that don’t need much attention, like cacti or succulents. Those who don’t travel much will have more time to lavish on sophisticated plants such as decorative Calathea.   

3. Know your plants


In an age of online search engines, there’s no excuse for not knowing your stuff. Google your plant and read up on it. How much light, water and plant food does it need? Does it prefer dry or humid air? Does it thrive in the heat or in the cold? The answer to all these questions is merely a click away. Top tip: keep your plant’s name tag or make a note of it so you always know exactly what’s what. 


4. Make house plants your hobby 


Set a time for looking after your plants and stick to it. Depending on your lifestyle, it could be a weekend, a morning or an evening midweek. Dedicate half an hour (or an hour for more established jungles!) to your plants and take pleasure in it. Listen to your favourite music while you administer some TLC. Water them, remove dead leaves, wipe away any dust and make sure they look healthy. Relax and enjoy the harmonious relationship with your new green neighbours. 


5. Creative cultivation


As well as creating a healthy home environment, greenery can also be part of your interior design. Get creative and arrange your plants to showcase your home. Look out for fun pots and planters that complement your interior. Head online to “Urban Jungle Bloggers” for more inspiration. Green has never looked as good! 

No more excuses! With these simple tips, anyone can create their own miniature oasis and transform their home into a greener, more welcoming place!  


Picture of Igor © Lina Skukauske

Tired of the cold, gloomy weather? Igor von den Urban Jungle Bloggers reveals how to transform your home into an oasis of plant life so you can banish the winter blues for green!