Five questions for our favourite Instagrammers: Denise from Foodlovin'

Instagrammer and blogger Denise from Foodlovin’ is passionate about good food and knows exactly how to showcase it. We asked where she takes her inspiration from. 

Her whole life revolves around food – at least that’s how Denise describes herself on her blog “Foodlovin’”. When she’s not prepping food to look pretty for the camera, she’s constantly on the look-out for yummy new recipes and culinary secrets. We spoke to her about where she finds inspiration and what’s important for good food styling. 

Hi Denise! Almost every day you post delicious recipes on your blog, from hearty mains to finger-licking desserts. What inspires you?


Inspiration is everywhere! Sometimes it’s a dish I remember from my travels that inspires me to recreate a similar recipe at home. And sometimes it’s a single ingredient that’s currently in season, like rhubarb or green cabbage. Strolling through my local market is just as inspiring to me as a restaurant menu.


Tell us about one of your favourite creations that you make again and again.


Just one?! They definitely include everyday treats like crunchy sweet potato fries  or my quinoa confetti salad and my Berry Bowl breakfast special.

A quick look at your Instagram feed shows that a lot of love and attention goes into prepping your food photos. Tell us more about food styling. 


Well, you need to differentiate between industries. Generally speaking, food styling is the art of making food look good on camera. But in advertising it’s all about making a product look flawless and perfect. Those food stylists work meticulously and use all kind of tricks. 


The process for blogs and magazines is more natural. Your aim is to make the recipe look as appetizing as possible. You want the reader to feel like tucking in as soon as they see it! There’s so much more that goes into the photos on my blog and Instagram channel though. I like to create a unique atmosphere so I use a lot of props, like pretty plates, fresh flowers and fresh ingredients. 

You’ve transformed your hobby into a career where food plays a central role both privately and professionally. Do you find it hard to switch off when you dine out? Are you constantly thinking about your next culinary creation? 


I always try to keep restaurant visits special. But I’m not an easy guest by any means! However, I always appreciate it when somebody cooks for me. 


You like visiting different cities on so-called “foodie trips”. Where have you had the best food so far? 


Definitely Los Angeles. And I’m not talking about burgers and fries either. I’ve never come across as many creative and healthy restaurants. Whether vegan, Mexican, fresh seafood or raw food, LA always gets it right! 

Thanks for chatting to us Denise. We look forward to more culinary inspiration on your blog soon!