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Five kitchen myths busted

Whether you love cooking or only ever eat out, everyone’s come across one or the other kitchen myths at some point. But is there any truth in the rumours surrounding cooking pasta and freezing food? We investigated. Here are the results.

1. Egg check


Straight in at number one is the stubborn belief that submersing hardboiled eggs in ice cold water makes them easier to peel. It’s nonsense. How easy it is to shell an egg depends on how long it’s been stored for. Fresh eggs are the hardest to peel. The shell is actually easiest to remove after about ten days. 


2. Thin ice


Everyone knows you should never refreeze something once it’s been defrosted. But this myth is not 100% accurate. If meat and fish are defrosted in a fridge and remain there (without any interruption of the cooling chain) both can be refrozen. For cakes, veggies and other foods check the colour, smell and appearance. If they still look good, they too can be refrozen. However, never refreeze anything that’s been exposed to warm air for too long (sitting in the sun for example).  


3. The mother of all myths


Ever been told pasta won’t stick together if you add oil to the water? Absolute tosh. The oil merely floats on top of the water during cooking and doesn’t even touch the pasta. The best way to stop pasta sticking together is to toss it in the sauce as soon as it’s ready. 


4. When fizz goes flat


Couldn’t finish a bottle of fizz or Vapiano’s Asolo Prosecco at your girls’ night? Some people stick a metal spoon in the bottle to stop the bubbles escaping. No really. But kitchen myth #4 is also nonsense. The only way to keep the contents from going flat is to recork the bottle or use a lid.  

5. Moist meat


Another favourite myth is the idea that dry frying or searing meat closes the pores and prevents any juices escaping. But meat consists of muscle fibres and has no pores. The only thing searing achieves is a tasty outer crust. We’ll take that.