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Five fun ideas for an Easter brunch

We hope our ideas have inspired you to host your own Easter brunch. A very happy Easter from everyone at Vapiano! 

Celebrate Easter by treating your family and friends to an Easter Sunday brunch. We’ve compiled five fun recipes you can either serve or bring along as a guest.

1. Savoury puff pastry ring


This delicious puff pastry ring will have everyone flocking to the buffet. Mix bacon, tomatoes, parsley, pepperoni and grated cheese for the filling. Cut your puff pastry into triangles and form a star shape on baking paper. It’s important to press the triangle pieces at the centre firmly together. Spread the filling evenly over the pastry before folding the triangle tips inwards towards the centre of the circle to seal in the filling. Brush the pastry with egg yoke and bake for 20 minutes at 180°C. 


2. Bunny biscuits


Easter is all about sweet treats and children especially will love these cute quark biscuits. Make the dough using quark, milk, egg, vegetable oil, sugar, vanilla sugar, flour, baking powder and salt. Use a hand mixer to whisk everything into a smooth ball. Dust your surface with flour and roll out the dough. Use a bunny shaped cookie cutter to cut out your biscuits. Brush with melted butter and then bake for 10 minutes at 180°C. After baking brush again with melted butter and toss each biscuit in the sugar-vanilla sugar mix.

3. Cheese ball food pops


Mini cheese balls are a universal buffet favourite that can easily be transformed into food pops too. First mix chopped cranberries and dried cherries with cheddar, cream cheese, salt and pepper. Leave to chill. Finely chop some almonds and cashew nuts. Form small balls from the cream cheese mix and roll in the chopped nuts. Leave in the fridge to chill before sticking a pretzel stick into each one and arranging on a plate.  

5. Bunny pots


Welcome the Easter bunny into your home with these cute serviette arrangements. Hard boil some eggs and then draw a face on each. Fold a paper serviette into a triangle and then create a long ribbon to wrap around the egg. Secure at the top of the egg to create two ears. Position in a small flower pot at every place setting. So sweet!

4. Table decorations


When it comes to hosting an Easter brunch, there’s more than just food to consider. Set the mood by filling a glass vase with forsythia and hanging colourful paper eggs from the sprigs. To make these decorations, simply cut out egg shapes from colourful paper and slot them together using a slit in the centre. Sew along the axis of each egg to keep the shapes in place and leave 20 cm of thread at the top to hang. Finish by fluffing up the layers of each egg.