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Beyond Bolognese – five new sauce ideas for your pasta

When it comes to pasta sauces, Bolognese, Arrabiata and Carbonara are firm favourites. But do you ever feel like a change? Here are five new kids on the block to tingle your taste buds! 

Vegan Bolognese


Everyone loves a good “spag bol”. But there’s no need to reach for the mince for this recipe. And no, we’re not about to suggest tofu either. This sauce can be given a vegan makeover by simply replacing the meat with lentils. Healthy and hearty!

Rucola pesto


When it comes to a quick pasta dish, a glass of readymade green or red pesto is often the answer. But instead of using basil or dried tomatoes, why not try making pesto using rocket leaves? If pesto’s your favourite, you’ll love it. 

Exotic coconut sauce


Coconut sauce on traditional Italian pasta? Really? What initially sounds like a wacky idea is actually a great culinary combo. Mix the coconut sauce with salmon or prawns and stir into your pasta. 



Yes, fennel has a strong flavour. It needs to be either the star of the show or be paired with a strong partner. Chop your fennel into small pieces before adding to a creamy sauce or teaming with tuna in a tomato sauce. Two mouth-watering options. 


Lemon fresh


As well as rice noodles, lemons and limes are a firm staple in Asian cooking. But freshly pressed lemon juice mixed with fried courgettes makes a delicious sauce for Italian pasta too. The zesty favour is especially refreshing on a warm summer day. 


Feel inspired to create your own pasta sauce? Great! We’re looking for the most unique pasta sauce ideas out there. Send them to us by 31 March 2017. The winning recipes will feature on our Specials menu this autumn.