Tidying made easy – declutter your home

Nobody really likes tidying. But the huge popularity of the Netflix show “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” has seen a rise in people ready to try. We’ve compiled the most useful tips.

Decluttering – everybody’s doing it

Tidying up, sorting personal belongings, getting rid of old clothes and decluttering your space – all enjoyable activities that ultimately lead to inner peace according to best-selling author Marie Kondo. Ever since the series “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” hit our screens, decluttering fever has spread like wildfire. Everyone wants to give the so-called “KonMari Method” a try. It’s supposed to help even the most reluctant tidier to finally part from junk they’ve accumulated over the years. We compiled some useful tips to get your deep clean started – just in time for spring!

Tidy by categories

Lots of us drift from one room to another when we start tidying, but it’s more effective to group things. Sort your belongings into categories, then collect everything from one group to sort in the same room. The order of decluttering is important too. Start with clothing, then move to books, paperwork, komono (kitchen, bathroom, garage, miscellaneous) and finally “sentimental items”. Once you’ve decided to commit to the tidying process, it becomes much easier to part from things you thought you’d cherish forever.

Does it spark joy?

Marie Kondo stresses you should keep anything that “sparks joy”. She encourages those on the show to hold personal belongings in their hands to discover which emotions they evoke. You can try this at home. Oh, and the phrase “for the future” should be banished from your vocabulary. Anything you plan on keeping “for the future” instead of here and now should be weeded out. And anything you haven’t used for over a year can be binned too. Donate good quality clothing or bric-a-brac to a charity shop.

Try to question what you really require. Are two good quality saucepans enough or do you need one in every size? When we buy clothes we often sense whether they’re going to become firm favourites or not. Whenever you purchase something, ask yourself whether you really need it. It’s the best way to stop clutter creeping back into your newly tidied home.

Tidy up & banish storage

As paradox as it sounds, storage options only encourage us to hold onto clutter, especially if it can be hidden away. As soon as you close a door or drawer, the chaos within becomes invisible. Out of sight, out of mind! And it can escalate too. Anything left lying around is simply shoved in the nearest cupboard, whether it belongs there or not. Enough is enough. Make a promise that from now on the only things in your wardrobe are clothes.

Don’t overthink tidying

Ideally, tidying should be completed in one swoop or over a few consecutive days – otherwise you run the risk of losing focus. Consciously remembering why you own certain items automatically leads to taking better care of them and questioning your consumer behaviour. And one final tip – the start of the decluttering process always looks worse than it actually is. Once you get going, you’ll realise how manageable the task is. Promise.

Tempted to start tidying in time for spring?