What does Vapiano’s Digital Knowledge Manager do?

Digital Knowledge Manager Tobias Schwung has worked for Vapiano in Cologne for over three years. We spoke to him about what his exciting role entails.

Vapiano fans will be familiar with the hard-working Vapianisti that prepare your delicious Pasta, Pizza and Insalata choices in our show kitchens.  But how do Vapianisti across the globe all learn to prep and make the exact same dish? The answer: an e-learning platform on which Vapiano shares its extensive know-how. And one person responsible for ensuring everything runs smoothly is Tobias Schwung, our Digital Knowledge Manager.

Hi Tobias! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. You work for Vapiano as a Digital Knowledge Manager. Can you start by telling us what that entails?  

A Digital Knowledge Manager is responsible for ensuring knowledge can be shared. There are different forms of “know-how” at Vapiano and they all depend on who we’re addressing. As an example, Vapianisti who prepare dishes at our restaurant stations have access to a mobile e-learning platform. This allows them all to learn how to prepare food in line with our international standards. Our Restaurant Managers need up-to-date information about operative processes, all kinds of documents to train their employees, and the means to control their restaurant using the data we have available. They can access this from our Cologne-based support centre. We supply individual restaurants with our knowledge and use their data to manage and grow the brand.

What tasks do you oversee as part of your role?

Over the last couple of years, I’ve built a new e-learning and information platform for restaurant employees based our “Vapiano Mobile Learning” system. I still contribute to it. Another part of my role is to establish interfaces between our various systems. I’m also helping other departments to develop a Vapiano portal that simplifies work processes for our restaurant employees.  

Your “Vapiano Mobile Learning” project recently won a prize. What was it and why was it awarded?

After establishing “Vapiano Mobile Learning” from scratch, our service providers and I decide to apply for the Comenius Award. The accolade is given to outstanding didactic systems.

You also give lectures on “digital learning”. What do you discuss?

In my lectures, I show companies how they can drive digital learning and provide a comprehensive overview of the digital challenges they can expect in the future.

You first came to Vapiano as an intern. How did you end up a Digital Knowledge Manager?

I originally trained as pre-school teacher but wanted to try something new. So I joined Vapiano as part of their HR Management team, initially as an intern, then as a Junior Training Consultant and later as a HR Development Consultant. I’ve worked as a Digital Knowledge Manager since September 2018.

Most companies don’t have a Digital Knowledge Manager. Do you think the role will become more important in the future?  

In this era of digital transformation, I believe it’s becoming increasingly important for companies in possession of know-how to protect it, share it and grow it. The profession is definitely set to expand and play an even bigger role.

What do you enjoy most about being a Digital Knowledge Manager?

I find complex systems fascinating so I love helping develop them – as I mentioned early when I touched on our e-learning platform. The best thing is seeing how these systems help our employees and allow everyone access to the same knowledge.

And what else do you do when you’re not developing e-learning systems?

I’m really into sport. I’m a keen cyclist, I play beach volleyball and I enjoy hiking and skiing.

Last but not least – what’s your favourite Vapiano dish?

It’s got to be Filetto di Manzo con Vino Rosso, preferably at my favourite Vapiano restaurant in Bonn.