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How to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew

Have you ever met up with friends to enjoy a glass of wine at a picnic only to discover that you didn’t pack a corkscrew? Here are three tips to save the day!

1. Open your wine bottle with a key


If you don’t have a corkscrew, you can use a key to open your wine bottle instead! First push the key into the cork at a slight angle so you can get a good grip, whilst making sure that the key doesn’t snap in the cork. Once it feels like the key is stuck, then just use it like a corkscrew, turn it until you can pull the cork out of the wine bottle.

2. Push the cork instead of pulling it

If the key method doesn’t work for you, or you don’t have keys because live in a house with an electronic locking system, you can try to push the cork into the bottle. If your thumb is strong enough, then you should be able to push the cork in. If not, use a sturdy piece of wood or something similar to do the job. Again, you’ll have to do this with feeling! If you’re able to open your wine bottle in this way without corkscrew, then you take care whilst pouring it out. But if you’re at the lake or in the park you should be ok. Cheers!

3. The shoe trick


You've probably heard about this trick already, right? With the shoe trick you can open your wine bottle without a corkscrew and without leaving the cork floating around in your wine. Here’s how to do it! First, wrap the lower part of the bottle in a towel or a thin blanket, then take a shoe with a medium-thick sole which you can place the bottom of the wrapped up bottle into. Then, hit the shoe horizontally against a wall until the cork comes loose. Make sure the bottle doesn’t fall out, otherwise the wine will spill everywhere! Once the cork is pushed out far enough that you can get hold of it, you can turn it out by hand.

Do you have more tools available? Then you can try out these methods to open your wine bottle without corkscrew too:


• Use a screw and pliers: First screw the screw into the cork and then take the pliers to pull on the screw and pull the cork out.
• Use a wire and a shoelace: Tie a knot in one end of your shoelace and then push this through the cork with a wire or a knife. Then pull on the shoelace until the cork comes loose.
• Use a foot pump: Do you have a foot pump? Great, you can use this to open the wine bottle without a corkscrew. Push the pump’s needle into the wine bottle (vigorously!). Then pump, the air pressure will push the cork out.

Our tip: If in doubt, always grab a wine bottle with a screw cap. Unlike in the past, a screw cap says nothing about the quality of the wine. Need proof? Then try our delicious Vapiano white wine or red wine. Bottoms up!