Minimalistic living: What’s behind the Lifestyle trend?

Are you trying to live without too much clutter? Then you already mastering minimalistic living. Here we’ll tell you what’s behind this chic lifestyle trend and how you can declutter your life.

Hygge and Lagom are probably THE interior trends of the moment and both centre on minimalistic living. What you may not know is that today’s hype was once considered very suspicious. In the 1960s, a group of New York artists including Donald Judd created the first minimalistic sculptures and other works of art, which consisted of geometric shapes. These artists sought to use sculpture as a way to evoke both simplicity and clarity of thought. Although this was originally met with scepticism, this faded quickly and led to the return of clean lines and more simplistic structures within both design and architecture. From the 1970s, Donald Judd went on to design furniture.


What does it mean to live minimalistically?


On the one hand, living in a minimalistic way means focusing on the essentials. In a nutshell, it means designing your spaces around the furniture and accessories that you really need. Of course, you can still decorate, but you should only choose those things that are really important, so as to avoid cluttering your rooms! Minimalistic furniture is known for its clean lines, without any frivolous frills, fringes or ruffles. Once you’ve started to sort out your possessions you will see that the floor becomes free by itself, creating a sense of space in your home. Just make sure to keep your surfaces tidy, so the minimalistic furniture can shine through. Your best friends will be bright friendly colours as they will complete your minimalistic apartment.


What are the advantages of minimalistic living?


Still in need of some motivation to start living in a more minimalistic way? Here are three very good reasons to make the switch.

1. For those of you who live stressful lives, you’ll probably find that a minimalistic approach will create a quiet oasis within your home where you can really switch off. Never was a furnishing style so relaxing!
2. Your friends and family will love the tidiness of your apartment and we’re sure that you’ll want to host them more. We’ve even got some tips on how to become a better host for you, here.
3. Living in a minimalistic way also means living sustainably. If you live according to minimalism, you’ll find that you’ll buy less and therefore higher quality, so you’ll be making fewer impulse purchases, which normally end up in the basement anyway.



Want to start living in a minimalistic way? Here’s how.

Are you planning to remodel your home or rearrange everything in favour of becoming more minimalist? Here are five hot tips:


  • 1. Take time to declutter! Anything you haven’t worn or used in a long time must go! Still looking for cleaning tips, we have some of those for you too!

  • 2. Think big! Minimalistic living is not limited to a room. So take a look at the whole apartment before you start.

  • 3. When buying furniture try to focus on furniture made of durable materials, clean lines and neutral colours.

  • 4. Speaking of colours, try to reduce the number of colours in your home to three to five. In addition to your chosen neutral tones you may also like to choose a bright colour, as this will really pop! This will ensure that everything works together and will save you lots of time when shopping!

  • 5. Don’t forget to take time out! Minimalistic living should be comfortable. It should be tidy and clear, but in absolutely no way boring and lifeless! Large individual pictures and green plants will also help you to create a minimalistic haven.


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