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#FridayFive: It's time for the stone fruits!

Have you already tasted our delicious Tiramisù with apricots? In our current specials we have tweaked this classic dessert for you by adding some stone fruits, meaning that it tastes fresh and summery. But it’s not just apricots that are in season, you can also enjoy other stone fruits at the moment. Here are our favourites:

Plum & green plum

They are available in blue, red, yellow, green, their shapes range from round to pointed. But they always taste similar sweet and sour and really like summer: plums. These drupes – and their sisters, the green plums – will have their big show on the fruit shelf and on the market from the end of July / beginning of August. You can make delicious compote or a classic cake „grandma style“ with them.  Some dry them into prunes, a great source of energy – and digestive helpers!!

Cherry: sweet and sour

Sweets for my sweet … in case of cherries, we also love the sour ones! While sweet cherries taste delicious straight from the tree, we also love compote, juice etc. from sour cherries. The two types of this delicious stone fruit are bright red and deep red. So you can only tell which one is which by tasting them! Did you know? Pickled cherries are often called morello cherries, a name which is assumed to be from French origin, as the French name for cherry is "Chatel Morel". Allegedly, the variety was bred in the French town of Moreilles, more precisely: in the castle garden of the Château de Moreilles.


You wouldn’t expect to see these in the mix right? Raspberries and blackberries are among the so-called collective stone fruits as in each of the lumps there is a small stone. Of course, the delicious fruits which are picked every day are currently (still) in high season and taste the freshest. You can also use raspberries and blackberries in jam or drinks. Try our fruity homemade raspberry lemonade!     

Peach & nectarine

The peach is actually from China. You’ll recognise this stone fruit by its velvety skin. The colour of ripe peaches ranges from deep yellow to dark red, and the flesh is usually a light to dark yellow. Sweet-tasting peaches are generally round – but for several seasons, wild flat peaches are also becoming increasingly popular. By the way, the nectarine arose from a mutation of a peach tree. It basically looks just like a peach, but has a smooth skin.


What is the difference between a peach and apricot? Here are a few hints! Apricots are much smaller than peaches and usually pale yellow to orange red, and sometime spotted red. Apricots taste very sweet, but are often a little less sweet and, less juicy than peaches. The pulp of the drupes is reminiscent of plums or mirabelles, and has much less fibre than peaches. What apricots and peaches have in common is that the fruits can be used to make compotes, but taste best fresh from the tree. They can also be added to desserts like quark dishes or just a tiramisù!



Well, what summer delicacy lands next in your cart ?! By the way, if you do not get enough of stone fruits: mangodates – and olives! – also number among the drupes. 


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