7 exciting board games for your next board game night

Are you planning a board game night with friends? Perfect! In celebration of World Play Day, which is today, we’ve rounded up seven of our favourite board games for you. Let the games begin!


• "Exit - The Game"

Have you ever taken part in an escape game? Then we have good news, now you can practice your break out skills at home at your next board game night. This board game works in a similar way to the conventional escape game, meaning that you have to find clues and combine your knowledge with your teammates to escape the room within an hour! Are you up for the challenge?


• "Erwischt"

"Erwischt" is the perfect game for a board game night with a lot of guests! Each player receives a card that outlines a number of secret tasks that they have to carry out within a specified period of time. For example, if you manage to fake a toothache for five minutes to the extent that no one can tell you’re faking it, you'll be rewarded with one point.


• "Game of Quotes"

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To play "Game of Quotes" you’ll need buckets of creativity! The aim of this game, is to assign quotes to to the wrong celebrities and whoever makes the funniest quotes wins!


• "Cranium"

In each round of this game, the teams face a number of tricky tasks to complete in order to move their piece around the board. There are four different categories that require modelling with clay or drawing out your answers. It’s the perfect game to play at a more relaxed board game night.


• "Codenames"

Another great game for your next board game night is "Codenames!" In this game, you will compete as two rival spymasters. The aim of the game is to find out which agents belong to your organisation and secretly share this information with your teammates. However, the spymasters can only give one-word clues that can point to multiple words on the board and hidden amongst the cards are enemy agents and civilians. You’ll need to get creative to win! 


• "T.I.M.E. Stories "

In "T.I.M.E. Stories" you and your invited guests have the chance to time travel into the past and the future to eliminate threats and solve criminal cases. But be careful, you won’t have much time to complete each mission. When the round is over and you haven’t solved the case, you’ll have to start again.


• "Perplexus"

To succeed in this game you will have to put your patience and skill to the test. To complete “Perplexus” successfully, you have to guide a small metal ball through an elaborate labyrinth. It’s notoriously difficult, but a lot of fun!

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