Something for everyone: The best cookbooks for vegans, movie fans and nerds

Every kitchen needs a good selection of cookbooks, right? In celebration of World Book Day, we want to share five of our favourite cookbooks with you – whether you’re cooking with kids, vegans or nerds you’re sure to find the perfect book for you!

• The city is a supermarket in "Edible City" by Maurice Maggi

Using food both creatively and resourcefully is very important to author Maurice Maggi. In his cookbook, "Edible City", which was published by AT Verlag, he explains how you can cook meals at home using plants that grow in every city. Not confident about picking these plants yourself? Maggi offers a number of great alternatives that you can buy in the supermarket instead.

• For little chefs – "Cool Kids Cook" by Jenny Chandler


Jenny Chandler has made it her mission to get kids excited about cooking from an early age, so much so that she's published her own cookbook – "Cool Kids Cook" with TOPP Verlag. In addition to the many versatile recipes from all around the world, the book also includes a short introduction to the world of cooking. Chandler explains the use of specific cooking utensils, gives tips on shopping, and gives advice on herbs and flavours. Let the cooking begin!


• Brace yourselves for... "Game of Thrones - the official cookbook" by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Sariann Lehrer


In his books, George R.R. Martin describes tables laden with luscious meals that sound so realistic that our mouths begin to water just reading about them. But what would this food really taste like? Authors Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Sariann Lehrer set out to find out and have turned the meals described in the books into delicious recipes that you can cook at home. "Game of Thrones - the official cookbook" is published by Zauberfeder Verlag.

• 100% vegan - "eat this! Vegan Street Food" by Nadine Horn and Jörg Mayer


Nadine and Jörg are among the most successful food bloggers on the vegan scene AND they love street food! So, you don’t have to wait for the next food truck to get your vegan street food fix anymore. Get the tastiest vegan recipes in their book – "Eat this! Vegan Street Food” published by Edition Fackelträger Verlag.


• Take a look "Inside Chef's Fridges, Europe: 40 top chefs open their home refrigerators" by Adam Moore


Have you always wanted to take a look inside the fridge of a celebrity chef? With this book, you can! Adam Moore visited the homes of 40 top chefs throughout Europe to get an idea of the contents of their home fridges, whilst picking up top tips, recipes and knowledge about regional specialties. The results of these visits can be found in his cookbook "Inside Chef's Fridges, Europe: 40 top chefs open their home refrigerators" (Taschen Verlag).

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