Lagom: Gain more balance in your life with this Swedish lifestyle trend

Living according to the Swedish word “lagom” means finding balance in everything. This Swedish trend not only transforms your home, but can also enrich your life too.

After “hygge”, the next big Scandi lifestyle trend is “lagom.” Lagom is all about finding the essentials in life and is loosely translated as "not too much and not too little – just enough." Of course, this is a great mantra for interior design, but it also refers to other aspects of our lives too. Living according to lagom means conserving energy, money and time. It means balancing your everyday life so that you can be productive, focussed, and enjoy life to its fullest, despite the inevitable challenges. So you can focus on things like work-life-balance, mindfulness and minimalism – all things that, if you followed the beloved hygge trend you will already be thinking about! And, you’ll be happy to hear that in true Scandi style, there is always room for coziness in your lagom inspired home! Supposedly, the trend goes way back to the time of the Vikings, when tankards were passed around to everyone, so everyone got just enough.

Lagom-inspired interiors –muted colours, emotional accents

Lagom-inspired decor is classically Scandi in style, think calm colors complemented by a couple of striking accents and accessories. The important thing to focus on for a truly lagom-inspired home, are the subtle details, you should really think about what you need to create a minimalist and harmonious overall picture. Get your cardboard and your clutter out of the picture, they have no place here. Want to keep an old or sentimental piece of furniture that you inherited or received as a gift? Even better, because according to lagom, your central pieces of furniture can have emotional importance. If you decide that some of your pieces are not needed, then think about doing something sustainable with them, like recycling or up-cycling. For the Swedes, getting rid of things you no longer need is better than living with excess, as long as you do it sustainably.



Der Februar war der Monat unserer famosen "Instagram Lagom Challenge", in der Ihr die wunderbarsten Interior-Perlen mit uns geteilt habt. Wir sind ganz verliebt in Eure Fotos und möchten die Highlights zusammen mit Euch in unserem neusten Blogbeitrag bestaunen.

What does lagom mean in Sweden?

The need for harmony is a quintessentially Swedish thing. Swedes, for example, struggle somewhat with small talk because they tend to avoid making compliments or criticisms. Also, they don’t talk about politics or money, because talking about these topics can often result in arguments. In restaurants, couples who have lived together for a long time still insist on splitting the bill, so as not to create financial imbalance between them. And, showing off is something that Swedes really object to, even their wardrobe choices show their preferences for restraint and understatements. Instead, Swedish style is known for classic, high-quality items which can be worn with anything and for a long time!

Everyone loves lagom

Our favorite Swedish furniture store, already has a collection inspired by lagom. There is also a magazine all about lagom too. And, a Korean cosmetics brand has also renamed their color palettes after the Scandi trend! But, if you want to take a deep dive and really get to know this Swedish mentality better, we highly recommend reading the book " Lagom: The Swedish Secret of Living Well," by Lola A. Akerstrom. It’s great, because the book, which came out in August 2017, offers a detailed glimpse at lagom and shows how the Swedish people have created a recipe for living good lives.

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