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Kitchen hacks: 5 useful cleaning tips and tricks from grandma

As we all know, Grandma’s cleaning tricks are still the best today. So we’ve found the very best kitchen hacks from her time, to share with you.

1. Burned food in the pot?


It happens to the best of us, you just have to leave your food a little bit too long on too high a heat and get food burned firmly in the bottom of the pot. Here’s one of the first great kitchen hacks, next time, make sure to rinse out your pot with cold water before cooking and don’t dry it, as this can prevent food from sticking and burning. But if it’s already too late, the first thing you need to do is remove the burnt food. You can salvage the rest, just make sure that you don’t mix it with the burned food. To do this, just remove all the unburnt food and continue cooking this in another pot. Then put the pot with the burned food stuck in it back onto the hot stove, add some washing powder, baking powder, onion slices or lemon juice, bring to the boil and let it work its magic. After a few minutes, the burnt food will start to come away from the bottom of the pot and you can throw it away before cleaning the pot with a sponge.


2. Removing stains

Back in the day, when our grandmas were younger, many stains were treated with gasoline! For example, grease stains were ironed whilst covered with a piece of blotting paper and gasoline to absorb the grease. Today, we have ready-made solutions for this. But for anyone who wants to try out this tried and tested kitchen hack, you can pick up gasoline at any well-stocked pharmacy. Alternatively, cornflour and dandruff shampoo can help against unwanted stains on your favorite clothes. Our grandmas have tips for red wine stains too, to remove these they would use salt or lemon juice. For stronger fabrics, sprinkle a little salt on the stain before dipping it in boiling water. If the stain is on a more sensitive fabric, though, it’s better to put a little lemon juice on the stain and wash it gently with warm soapy water.


3. Cooking properly with a gas stove

Food cooks much faster on a gas stove than on an electric one. The advantages, however, can only be properly realised if you really know how to handle it. Even if you don’t have a gas stove at home, you may know the blue flames from time spent in your holiday home or camping. Here, our grandmas also have some kitchen hacks for making sure you don’t burn your food. As a general rule, the flame should never be bigger than the bottom of the pot. To start cooking, set the flame on high and once the food is cooked or warm enough, just adjust it so the flames are smaller. When baking, put smaller cakes on the highest shelf, and larger cakes on the lowest one and use the middle for roasting. That way, everything will come out perfect!


4. Getting rid of cooking odours


In the ‘50s, food was known for being heartier, which means our grandmas’ kitchens often smelled of cooked food. Housewives at the time had a lot of kitchen hacks up their sleeves to banish these odours from the kitchen. The simplest one is to allow in a brief but thorough gust of wind, just open all of the windows for five minutes and then the odours will gradually disappear by themselves. But if the odours lingered longer, our grandmas would most likely have put a pot on the stove and boiled some vinegar. Vinegar can also combat the smell of cigarettes when it is dissolved in water as it can take the smell of nicotine out of the air. Another great kitchen hack is to put orange peel on to a warm stove or onto a plate full of coffee powder to combat the cooking odours with pleasant smells.


5. When life gives you lemons…


Use them to clean your home and remove stains! Our grandmas’ miracle cure for everything is the trusty lemon and they have a lot of kitchen hacks where that’s concerned. To get the most out of them, first warm the yellow citrus fruits up and press them down a bit, then, when it comes to squeezing you will get even more lemon juice! Sliced ​​lemons last longer if you put the cut side into vinegar. Lemons bring all sorts of benefits to your home – the skin can be used to refine pastry, the juice can transform simple water into delicious lemonade or even remove stains, and the acid can be used to treat limescale deposits on the tap or in the kettle. Our grandmas even used lemon in their cosmetics, as an effective home remedy for lightening or smoothing the skin. It’s easy to see why people say ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’ – you can do so many things with this sour fruit.

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