#FridayFive: Five Tips for the Perfect Oscars Night

Soon the whole world will be looking to Hollywood and waiting in anticipation as they say "and the Oscar goes to..." Are you planning an Oscars night? Perfect, here are five tips for a relaxed evening.

The film fans amongst you will have already marked March 4 in your calendars as it’s the day of the 90th Academy Awards! Just like last year, Jimmy Kimmel will host. Did you know that this year’s cinematic masterpieces have been nominated in a grand total of 24 categories? Here are our #FridayFive tips for the perfect Oscars night at home on the sofa:


Time for a nap

This year’s Oscars night actually takes place on a Sunday – boo! If you have to work on Monday, you should definitely plan on at least taking a nap so you won’t be completely overtired in the morning. If all else fails, make sure to get yourself an extra-large coffee.


Make yourself comfortable
The TV broadcast of the ceremony will start on the 4th of March, at 00:45 and, as diehard fans already know, the Oscars night is quite long. That means it’s all the more important to make your home especially cosy so that all of your guests feel comfortable. We recommend using blankets, pillows and fairy lights.


Build up your strength 


In order to save you from cooking and washing up before the long night ahead, we recommend ordering something to eat. Of course, our Vapiano delivery service is very good for this, we can bring you pizza, pasta, dolci or even a bottle of wine!

And the Oscar goes to ...?

Already seen some of the nominated films? Great, then you should definitely get your guests involved in a fun game. Everyone decides on their favorite in each category and whoever gets it right receives a point. Your Oscars night is guaranteed to get even more exciting!



Cinema-worthy snacking

Of course, for an Oscars night to go smoothly, you’re going to need plenty of snacks. Popcorn that you can make fresh in the microwave and nachos with a homemade dip will make you feel like you’re in the cinema. Our top tip is to put all snacks into bowls to avoid all of the rustling of plastic wrappers, you actually want to hear who wins, right?!

We hope that you enjoy your long Oscars night, have fun!