#FridayFive – types of onion at a glance

Whether in salad, fried up or the refining ingredient in sauces, onions belong everywhere. But which types of onions are there and what are they best for? Join us for our #FridayFive.

1. Yellow onion

The yellow onion, also known as the household or kitchen onion, takes up as much as 9% of the total cropland here in Germany – it’s no wonder, since it is indispensable in so many recipes. The yellow onion has heavy, brownish skin and bright white flesh. Thanks to their relatively mild taste, yellow onions are great for sauces, soups and sautéed up with meat.

2. Red onion

This type of onion differs in both taste and appearance from the yellow onion. As the name suggests, the red onion has a red-ish-purple skin that is a lot thinner than that of other onions, the flesh is also deep red. Red onions taste sweet and spicy which make them perfect for rounding off a fresh salad.

3. Shallots

This type of onion is especially popular in northern France, this is probably because of its frequent use in fine cuisine due to its mild but distinctive flavour. Shallots taste fantastic in marinades, vinaigrettes and sauces. By the way, they look like a smaller version of the bigger onions.

4. Spring onions
In this list of different types of onion, the spring onion definitely stands out as the most visually striking. At first glance, spring onions look like smaller leeks and are sometimes called ‘leek onions’. But there are some characteristics that distinguish them from leeks – spring onions have tubular leaves that converge at the bottom. Slices of raw spring onions are very often added to a number of different dishes.

5. White onion

White onions are very rarely seen on our plates in Germany. In southern Europe, however, this onion is very popular. This onion is used for light sauces and larger ones can also be filled with delicious fillings. At least on the outside, this onion lives up to its name – both the skin and the flesh are white.

Which onion do you cook with the most at home?

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