Colorfood: Bright AND beautiful

Color food is literally all anyone’s talking about right now: colourful pastries, jazzy smoothies and even black pizza – here are the biggest and brightest color food creations trending on Instagram.

Start your day as you mean to go on…with Colorfood

Do you like starting your day with a fresh smoothie? Then you will love this smoothie bowl! Not only does it taste wonderful and provide you with those all-important vitamins, but it also looks really chic. For a pink smoothie bowl simply puree some raspberries and pink dragon fruit and decorate.


Seeing black?

Black is also making an appearance in the world of color food. It’s definitely eye-catching! Just take some normal pizza dough and add some sepia – otherwise known as black squid ink, or even some charcoal and turn it deep black, it’s sure to make the colourful toppings really pop. You can find our black Black Jack pizza, on our current specials menu.


Make it blue!

As already mentioned in our highlights for 2018 – this year we are introducing the… blue latte macchiato! This coffee creation comes from Australia and is dyed a beautiful blue colour using spirulina algae. It looks like it could equally have come out of Smurfland though, right!

Under the sea...

Which color food is the mermaid’s favourite? Well, mermaid toast, of course! Just conjure up this colourful spread, for example, from (soy) yoghurt and spirulina algae for yet more stunning blue creations. If you prefer pink, though, just use cherry powder.


Almost too nice to eat

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Granted, some of the color food dishes look way too pretty to eat, just like this mirrorcake. This gorgeous mirror glaze was invented by Russian pastry chef Olga Noskova.


Small, fine, round and…colorful

Those of you who have been to France before will no doubt have already familiarised yourselves with these cute little meringues called macarons. These small delicacies consist of two meringues sandwiched together with a filling. With help from various flavours and food colourings, the number of possible colours truly are endless.


Heavenly color food

How do you get a rainbow onto your plate? With a slice of rainbow cake! All you need to do for this is make a standard sponge batter and then separate and dye the batter in different colours. Add the separate coloured batters to separate cake tins and then layer them in the different colours. This will give an incredible wow factor when you cut into your finished cake!


Green light for...

... Pancakes! Do you enjoy fluffy pancakes for breakfast? Perfect - then try these gorgeous green ones next time. All you need is a small amount of matcha powder, to give your pancakes a whole new lick of paint, and there you have it – another deliciously colourful color food creation.


Somewhere over the rainbow (salad) ...

Of course, there is another way to get a rainbow on your plate that doesn’t involve baking a cake – what about a rainbow salad instead? Bring a little colour to your lunchbreak, it’s sure to make you smile!

A little tip: If you feel like sampling some color food during your next city break, or you don’t have the time to whip up one of these colourful dishes yourself, then make your way to your local Vapiano. We’ll be serving our color food specials until mid-April – it’s #colorlicious!