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DIY hairstyles for the beer festival season

Make like a fairytale princess by plaiting half your hair and leaving the rest to fall around your shoulders. Start by creating a few small plaits at the front and secure them with a hair band or clip at the back. Then use the ends of your smaller plaits to create a bigger one. Tease a few strands of hair out for a more relaxed feel.
Expert: the crown

When it comes to Alpine hair styles, a plaited crown of hair is the supreme discipline. If you’re a rookie, start with two side plaits at the side of your head. Then cross them on top of your head and pin them into place. It doesn’t get more Bavarian than that!
So girls, time to get plaiting and pinning. Enjoy your beer festival trip wherever it may be!

Munich’s celebrated Oktoberfest will soon be underway with visitors arriving from around the world to sample the local brews. If you’re visiting a beer festival this season, check out our DIY ideas for your hair. All have a distinctly Alpine feel to them. And best of all, they’re all super easy to recreate at home!
The world’s biggest beer festival kicks off on 16 September in Munich. Need an idea of how to fix your hair to match the traditional Dirndl dress? Here are four easy DIY styles to get you started.
Classic: two plaits 

Think beer festival, think beer, hearty meaty food and swinging plaits. Divide your hair, make two plaits and knot with invisible hair bands. Tease strands apart to make the plaits look fuller. All it takes is five minutes. Or French plait hair for added glamour.
Pragmatic: the bun

Keep hair out of the way by sweeping it up into a bun. Added bonus: it shows of your bare neck and chest. Make a ponytail, wind it round and secure with a hair band and pins. Decorate your bun with flowers for more Alpine flair.
Fairytale: half up, half down

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