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5 kitchen hacks for your ice cube tray

Think an ice cube tray is just for ice cubes? You’re wrong. Whether keeping herbs fresh, prepping ravioli and making sushi, we have five fun ideas on how to get the most out of this humble piece of kitchen equipment.

The ice cube tray has upped its game. In our article on summer decorations we showed you how to freeze petals and flowers into ice cubes. But now we’ve taken it one step further. Who’d have thought the ice cube tray had it in them?!

1.    Fresh herbs all year round

Lots of garden herbs can only be enjoyed fresh when they’re in season. But not anymore. Chop rosemary, thyme or basil and add a teaspoon to each ice cube mould. Fill with olive oil and freeze ready for cooking.

2.    Mini jellies

Kids love jelly – and the brighter the better! Pour your jelly into the ice cube tray to make mouth-sized portions for the next play date. Put an adult spin on it by replacing half of the water for vodka and surprise your host by bringing jelly shots along to the party!  

3.    Ravioli short-cut

Making ravioli can be tricky so here’s one hack pasta fans will love. Roll out the dough and lay it over your ice cube tray. Add a small portion of your filling to each mould and cover with a second piece of dough. Press the edges together and press gently out of the tray. Use a sharp knife to separate the ravioli pieces before cooking. Ta-da!

4.    Herb butter

By now, there’s no denying your ice cube tray’s hidden talents. But here’s one final idea for your next BBQ. Make cubes of herb butter so guests can add a neat portion to their potato, steak or vegetables. Buon appetito!


5.    Easy peasy sushi

Feel like sushi? Skip the endless rolling by adding your cooked rice to an ice cube tray. Don’t forget to leave space for the filling. Whether avocado, salmon, chicken or cucumber – they sky is the limit!

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