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Title: Kitchen hacks – peeling made easy

Asparagus, mangos and pomegranates – all delicious by their own right but tricky to peel. Check out our kitchen hacks to make things simpler.  

If only everything was as easy to peel as a banana. A single flick of the wrist and the fruit is ready to eat. But when it comes to more complicated candidates, it’s often hard to know where to start. Here are our top tips on peeling even the most well-wrapped fruits and vegetables.

1.    Asparagus: from the top to the bottom

You’ll need a little patience to peel enough spears for two or more people, but we promise it’ll be worth it. Hold the asparagus at the top and lay it along your lower arm. Use a peeler to remove the skin in slow, regular strokes. Any skin left can cause the asparagus to taste woody after cooking. After peeling, cut off the spear’s tough base.
For cheats: Swap white asparagus for the green variety as you only need to peel the bottom third. You can even buy pre-peeled white asparagus. Or if all else fails, toss the peeler to one side and enjoy the taste of asparagus by ordering one of our latest Vapiano Specials.

2.    Ginger: taking peeling to the next level

The root’s knobbly shape is your biggest challenge when it comes to peeling ginger. One option is to use a knife or peeler and work your way around the lumps and bumps, but this often wastes the ginger’s flesh. A more elegant method is to use a teaspoon. Grasp the spoon at the top and use the tip to gently scrape off the skin.

Time saver: If you plan on using the ginger for a drink (e.g. tea) there’s no need to remove the skin at all. Ginger only needs peeling if you want to eat it.

3.    Pineapple: more than one way

The jury’s out on what’s the best way to peel a pineapple. Like a melon, some cut the fruit into quarters, remove the core and then cut out the sweet flesh inside. Others slice off the top and bottom, peel the woody exterior and then cut up the fruit inside. Our tip is to slice the pineapple into rings and then cut into quarters to tuck straight into the juicy fruit.

4.    Mango: use a glass

The softer and juicier a mango, the sweeter it tastes. And the trickier it is to peel. Here’s how to minimise the mess. Cut the fruit into two halves along the stone at the centre. Twist apart and then, like with a teaspoon for ginger, use a glass to separate the juicy flesh from the skin. Ta-da!  

5.    Pomegranate: the spoon trick

Although the name derives from “apple”, this fruit is nowhere near as simple to peel. Or to eat. But there’s one easy way to get to the tiny red seeds inside. Work over a bowl. Cut the pomegranate in half and use a spoon to knock firmly on the outside of the fruit. Now watch the seeds tumble out effortlessly. Easy peasy! Alternatively, fill the bowl with water - the seeds will sink to the bottom and the pulp floats to the surface.

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