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Different countries, different pizzas. But where’s best?

8. Poland’s own Zapiekanka
Zapiekanka is a cross between a pizza and a sandwich and is one of Poland’s most popular street foods. A baguette is topped with mushrooms, ketchup and cheese – so simple, so good. Treat yourself to one when you visit Poland.

9. Pastrmajlija from Macedonia
This tongue twister is the name of Macedonia’s closest pizza relative. Pastrmajlija is made from a long piece of dough topped with smoked ham or lamb. We’re still unsure of how to pronounce it, but we’re happy to take another bite!

10. Lebanese pizza
Pizza for breakfast? Nobody would bat at eye at the thought in Lebanon. A quick, low-cost option, Manakish is made from dough topped with a blend of herbs, cheese and sometimes mince meat. So if you feel like ditching toast and jam for something more savoury – this is the pizza for you!

A crispy base, tomato sauce and melted cheese are the three key ingredients for a perfect Italian pizza. But a good pizza can look very different in other countries. Here are ten international alternatives.

Which is your favourite? Although many people see Italian pizza as the only genuine recipe, our ten alternatives show that there’s lots of choice out there. Embark on a culinary trip and sample them all!

1. Lahmacun from Turkey
Even outside Turkey, Lahmacun is hugely popular. A wafer thin dough base is topped with kebab meat and vegetables. A choice of sauces adds flavour before the pizza is rolled up and wrapped in foil. Just the job for the way home.

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2. Chicago’s Deep Pan pizza
The USA has also created its own unique pizza. A deep pan base is topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella and meat or vegetables. The thick base is baked in a pan and is high enough to hold even the chunkiest of toppings. Awesome!

3. Viva Italia with a Pizza Bianca
When it comes to pizza, Italy has so much more to offer than a classic Margherita. Pizza Bianca has a thin base covered in olive oil and other toppings, and is a firm favourite among tomato haters. The name “Pizza Bianca” means “white pizza” in English.

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4. India’s Paratha pizza
India’s own version of pizza is Paratha. Roughly translated, the name means “layers of baked dough”. Unleavened bread is filled with potatoes, cauliflower or Indian paneer cheese. Indians eat their Paratha with butter, traditional pickles, chutney, curry or yoghurt. Give it a go!

5. Japanese Okonomiyaki
The Japanese name for pizza consists of two parts: “okonomi”, which means “whatever you want” and “yaki”, which means “fried” or “grilled”. Okonomiyaki is made using water, flour, egg and a Japanese fish stock known as dashi. The ingredient are mixed and fried on a hot plate like a pancake. However, apart from the flat base and optional toppings, this recipe has little in common with a traditional Italian pizza.

6. Lángos from Hungary
Deep-fried dough with sour cream, garlic butter and a choice of cheese, meat or letscho (a stewed dish of bacon, bell peppers, tomatoes and onions) on top. This tasty Hungarian twist on pizza has been spotted at food markets and festivals far from Hungary. Keep your eyes peeled so you can give Lángos a try.

7. Chatschapuri. Bless you!
It sounds like a sneeze but we’re actually talking about Georgia’s version of pizza. Chatschapuri is made by forming small dough boats that resemble a Turkish “pide”. The leavened dough is filled and topped with beaten egg. Delicious!